Construction of domestic wastewater treatment system

The collection and treatment of domestic wastewater is an indispensable requirement in environmental protection. Before being discharged into the environment, domestic wastewater must be collected and treated carefully, but nowadays, there is a major problem. village is the domestic wastewater collection and treatment system that has not been paid much attention, so the current environment is seriously polluted. Therefore, Nam Trung Viet’s mission is to design and build a standard domestic wastewater treatment system to protect the precious environment today.
xây dựng hệ thống xử lý nước thải sinh hoạt

Classification of building domestic wastewater treatment systems

With the continuous development of concentrated residential areas or apartments …, the issue of environmental protection is increasingly focused, so the environmental infrastructure must also be upgraded day by day, so Nam Trung Viet also has to approach and divide into different types of construction.
Là thiết kế hệ thống xử lý nước thải sinh hoạt trên khu vực đã có hệ thống sẵn. Thường là khu dân cư, chung cư… kế hoạch này nhằm đáp ứng nhu cầu phát triển theo đúng quy hoạch, quy định của khu dân cư, đồng thời tạo ra hạ tầng đồng bộ với hệ thống có sẵn.
Là thiết kế hệ thống xử lý nước thải sinh hoạt mới nhằm đảm bảo yêu cầu vệ sinh và bảo vệ môi trường.
Là hình thức thiết kế và xây dựng hệ thống xử lý nước thải sinh hoạt trên hệ thống đã có sẵn, nâng cấp mở rộng quy mô hệ thống và áp dụng những công nghệ tiên tiến nhằm đáp ứng nhu cầu bảo vệ môi trường cho khu dân cư.

Impacts of pollutants in industrial and domestic wastewater on the environment

Impact on groundwater sources

Domestic and industrial wastewater with both inorganic and organic matter has a high concentration of pollutants, and if the treatment is not up to the standard, it is discharged directly into the sewer and transferred to the municipal wastewater treatment. to groundwater in surrounding areas.

Affect aquatic organisms

When domestic wastewater, industrial pollution will affect the aquatic environment, also harm people if using this water for domestic purposes such as bathing and washing.

Water pollution

In natural water, plants and organisms develop easily due to the full range of nutrients. But when the water source is polluted, the flora and fauna will also die and cause the second pollution of the water source.

Why do you need to build domestic wastewater treatment system

Methods for industrial wastewater treatment of Nam Trung Viet

Mechanical treatment method

Mechanical treatment is the first method of treating wastewater, this is the step to remove water-insoluble organic and inorganic substances. Mechanical treatments include mesh filtration, sedimentation, hydraulic, sand and centrifugation

Chemical treatment method

A method using chemicals to react with substances in wastewater to remove them from the water source or dissolve in water, but not harmful. These methods include: absorption, redox, extraction, neutralization …

Biological treatment method

When it comes to biological methods, we immediately think of using microorganisms to remove toxic substances in water, this is a method of treating organic substances that can dissolve in wastewater and toxic inorganic substances. such as H 2 S, Nitrogen, Sulfite …

Scaling of domestic wastewater treatment systems


Households are usually small-scale, water treatment systems are simple but still meet the standards before discharging into the sewer and to the urban water treatment system.


Designing a medium-sized apartment water system with a centralized treatment system ensures hygiene and protection of the living environment of the households in the apartment.

Residential area

The residential wastewater treatment system is large-scale and complex, the system must be thoroughly investigated as well as the treatment components must be closely linked.

The process of building a domestic wastewater treatment system in South Central Vietnam

1. Prepare

After the construction of the domestic wastewater treatment system has been surveyed and designed, we will prepare the materials and the construction team will begin to work.

2. Build the system

After preparation, we will develop a domestic wastewater treatment system and adhere to the existing design so that there is no even the slightest error.

3. Project evaluation

When everything is completed we will test the system and check it thoroughly and ensure that the waste water source meets the standards before being discharged into the environment.

4. Handing over the project

The final step is to put the system into operation, take over and hand it over to you and start monitoring, maintenance and support if any problems arise.

Why choose us?


We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of environmental technology and have accompanied major brands in Vietnam, and a team of experienced engineers – workers ensure you will be satisfied in every project. judgment.

Advanced technology

We are always up to date with the latest technologies in the environmental field and are a pioneer in applying the world’s most advanced technologies to meet the toughest needs of our customers.

Dedication - enthusiasm

Coming to Nam Trung Viet, you will not only receive satisfaction with product and service quality, but also receive enthusiastic and dedicated advice for you to have the best products for your business.

Customers talk about us

I have the opportunity to cooperate with Nam Trung Viet Company in the wastewater treatment project of VEGA enterprise and I am very pleased with the enthusiastic consultation and everything is very professional.
Dao Nguyen
Director - VEGA Clean Food Company
The wastewater treatment project of my business is happening very quickly and comes into operation after only 3 working weeks. The meticulousness - meticulousness in the design and construction is what I feel. We hope to cooperate with Nam Trung Viet Company in the upcoming projects.
Anna Nguyen
Manager MMT Technology
Startup Fresh H2O + is a project to provide clean pure water for the people in remote areas, I have many choices of pure water solutions today, but with Nam Trung Viet I am convinced by the enthusiasm and experience. the engineers work here.
Lam Trung
Co-Founder - fresh H2O +

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