Manufacturer defect:
January February – December
– 1 for 1 with the same model
– In case the exchanged product is out of stock, the customer can change it to another product of the same product group ( will refund the difference to the customer).
Or: Customers pay products refund at 100% of the invoice price. Shipping is not included
Customers who pay products refund and collect an additional fee of 5% compared to the refund level when paying in the 1st month. For example: In the first month, if the customer returns the product, it will be refunded at the price. equal to 100%, in the 2nd month, if the customer returns the goods, an additional fee of 5% will be charged, the refund will be 95% of the product value on the invoice, the completion of the 3rd month will subtract an additional 5% to 90%. …


Fault-free products (does not match customer requirements):
January February – December
Complete pre-production for 80% of the invoice. Cashback with an extra 5% compared to January (80%). For example: 2nd month refund at 75% price on bill, 3rd month 70%…


The company re-imports old products under the terms of “returning” (*) and sells new products.
The price difference is the account using the customer to pay and the company issues a value-added invoice (VAT) for this.
Product error caused by user:
The product does not keep the original original format 100%.
=> Do not apply security, change pay