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Producing Inclined tube settler design sedimentation sheets

Nam Trung Viet Environment Company with more than 10 years of experience in the field of Environmental Consultancy, design consultancy for wastewater treatment systems, water supply: Production and supply of products: tube settler design, Lamella plate clarifier, tube settler, all kinds of machines in the water treatment industry … With a team of engineers and experienced workers in the field of the environment, we will advise you on the latest products and technologies to save maximum cost of improvement. creating or constructing wastewater treatment works.

tube settler tank

Benefits when customers use Plastic Inclined tube settler design

Inclined tube settler design sedimentation sheet or Plastic lamella water treatment a PVC material used in the sedimentation tank of the wastewater treatment system for the purpose. Improved sedimentation efficiency for water treatment systems. Reduced water retention time in sedimentation tanks. To save costs for businesses when they have to expand, renovate or build new wastewater treatment works because the amount of water entering the system exceeds the design, this lamella sediment product can be used to put into the sedimentation tank to Increased sedimentation efficiency can reach 95%.

Highlights Plastic Inclined plate clarifier sedimentation tube settler design

Plastic Inclined tube settler design tank treatment sedimentation sheets in water treatment are of:

  • UV-resistant PVC material is very durable, not corroded, aging
  • The size and shape of the lamella settling plate can vary according to customer needs.
  • The surface of the sedimentation tube is smooth, smooth, and free from mud on the surface of the sedimentation tube.
  • Improving water quality after sedimentation, turbidity after sedimentation ≤ 2 NTU.
  • The warranty period of high load sedimentation tube (lamella sedimentation plate) is up to 15 years. Within 15 years if there is damage due to aging materials, we will replace completely free of charge for the customer.
  • Modern technology and optimal suitable for all types of sedimentation tank designs: high-load sedimentation tanks, horizontal sedimentation tanks, vertical sedimentation tanks, Accerator settling tanks, Pusaltor settling tanks, suspended sedimentation tanks, sedimentation tanks Flat bottom stand.
  • Saving chemical flocculation PAC, alum.
  • Increase the filter cycle of the filter tank ≥ 72 hours, save energy and filter washing water.
  • Improve the quality of water after sedimentation and increase the capacity of existing sedimentation tanks to 2-3 times compared with the original design capacity.
  • Improve water treatment efficiency, management and operation of water treatment plants.

Lamen sedimentation plate (lamenlla) is also called inclined sedimentation plateLamen sedimentation plate (lamenlla) is also called inclined sedimentation plateLamen sedimentation plate (lamenlla) is also called inclined sedimentation plate

Specifications of the Plastic Inclined tube settler design

Material Dimension
Color angle of
PVC D40 0.6-0.8 40-45 blue 60
PVC D54 0.6-0.8 40-45 blue 61