mbbr system


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mbbr system in wastewater treatment

mbbr system  substrate  used in water treatment is a polyethylene plastic material used for microorganisms to adhere to and added in the wastewater treatment system, namely biological tank to be able to lift High treatment efficiency of this tank in particular and the whole system in general can reach 95% treatment efficiency without having to expand the wastewater treatment facilities when the input wastewater flow increases.

mbbr system

Benefits when customers use  mbbr system

1. Surface cross-section of  mbbr system in large wastewater: 4000m2 / m3.

2. High biological efficiency of wastewater treatment can reach 95% of treatment efficiency.

3. Save the cost of transporting products to construction sites far from the same product, because this product is not cumbersome.

4. The product price is equal to 1/2 of that of imported products.

5. Save costs for businesses when they have to renovate their wastewater treatment system because they only need to add biochip – NTV microbial media to the wastewater treatment system without having to expand the works behind. Wastewater flow into the system increases.

6. Free consultation and guidance.

EXAMPLE: If your wastewater treatment plant needs to use 10m3 of mbbr, then with media ntv-biochip you only need to use up to 1m3. This will save 50% of goods costs and 80% of shipping costs because this product has a relatively large surface area but the size of the product is small.

Technical data ntv-biochip

PARAMETER mbbr system
Size Diameter 30mm, thickness: 0.1mm
Material PE
Contact surface 4500² / m³
Origin Vietnam

Highlights media mbbr system microbial medium in wastewater treatment

  • Biochip microorganism substrates are homogeneous in terms of day.
  • The circulation speed is even and high
  • The density of microorganisms processed per unit volume is higher, the efficiency of handling organic matter is higher.
  • The microorganisms are grouped into different microorganisms that grow between the biofilms, which helps the biofilms develop in the tendency to focus on specific organic substances.
  • Resistant to water soluble substances
  • Never get clogged
  • Increase the biomass in the biological tank, increase the richness of microorganisms
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Increase treatment efficiency of BOD, Nitrogen set 95%.
  • Long service life
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Working in a high pressure environment
  • Cost savings.

mbbr system microbial media application  in wastewater treatment

mbbr systemp microbiological substrate can be widely applied on wastewater treatment projects in many different industries, especially in biological treatment:

  • Domestic wastewater treatment
  • Hospital wastewater treatment
  • Wastewater treatment industries
  • Waste gas treatment “in the air filter”
  • May be suspended in water when operating with ventilation.
  • Biological treatment in anaerobic tanks (UASB), Aeroten, bulk treatment equipment, …
  • Used in water purification, water supply, …
  • In new technology