Mbbr water treatment technology

Nam Trung Viet Environmental Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2012, is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of MBBR bio media as a protection industry. environmental protection. Nam Trung Viet currently has more than 30 high-speed production lines. All stages of Mbbr water treatment technology from mold development to downstream processing and packaging are completed independently by the company to ensure impeccable quality. Nam Trung Viet covers an area of 20,000 square meters with 11,000 square meters of factory and 100 employees. 2019 annual sales of MBBR media reached 30,000 m Nam Trung Viet has become the No. 1 manufacturer and exporter for Mbbr water treatment technology in Vietnam.

mbbr water treatment technology

The Company has set out a process for development of new products with the technical research and development at its core, including the research and development of compound formulas, inspection of Laboratory materials, development of moulds, transformation and innovation of machinery equipment, and large-scale production of extrusion profile department. It implements Quality Assurance System ISO 9001 whether in the core technology of raw materials or mass production of workshop profiles. Meanwhile, it works for the teamwork among all departments to furnish customers the most professional and considerate services.

mbbr media, its core items, are the best-selling domestic products. At the same time, it has become Viet Nam largest exporter of raw materials with the full varieties of pellet and largest quantity of export country of destination. Its products has been exported to Europe and America, Australia and Southeast Asia, etc.

Since 2000, the Company has been engaged in plastic extrusion profile. Because of its rich experience in R&D of raw materials and resources, it quickly develops lots of best-selling extrusion profile products, including pvc corner bead, extrusion profiles and MBBR biofilter media, etc. With its mature and stable formula, competitive price and steady quality, profile extrusion products moved upmarket such as Europe, America and Australia in 2000.

Upholding the philosophy “Endeavor to do better and create maximum value for our clients”, we benefit to our customers and improve the quality of products at the same time by and through R&D and innovation of raw materials and production technology. With its the same or even better quality than European and American products, profile extrusion products has been well recognized and supported by our customers who become larger and larger.

Our best-selling items involve PVC corner bead, shoes material, garden hose material and MBBR biofilter media, etc.

We believe deeply in that technical innovation is the foundation for development of plastics which have a broad market prospect as a substitute of metals. As your faithful supporter, we will persistently strive to develop a broader market for our clients.

Why choose us?

We have more than 10 years of experience in the field of environmental technology and have accompanied major brands in Vietnam, Provide top level quality MBBR media to enviromental company all over the world.

Managerment philosophy

Pragmatic innovation, Continuous Self-improvement and persevere to keep pursuit of rationalization of management.

Our core value

 Honest, serious, respect, innovation, quality, effectiveness, Continuous improvement to pursuit of excellence.

We will help you

Service Package
Not only about the design and construction of wastewater treatment systems. We offer a full service to save you time.
Fast - flexible
No redundancy in design and construction, a team of experienced engineers – workers will deploy your project in the shortest time and be flexible in all problems that arise.
With the motto of prestige – belief as corporate mission, we always try to meet the needs, time and efficiency as best as possible for your business.
Modern technology
With the changing environment and the development of the industry, we are always updating and pioneering the application of the most modern environmental technology in the world.
Good price
Besides the attentive service, the price is always an issue we are interested in, we always try to complete the project as best as possible and at the most reasonable cost possible.
Enthusiastic support
With us, you not only get answers to questions about the environment, but we will assist you in choosing the best products possible.

Customers talk about us

I have the opportunity to cooperate with Nam Trung Viet Company in the VEGA mbbr water treatment technology project and I am very satisfied with the enthusiastic advice and everything is very professional.
Dao Nguyen
Director - VEGA Clean Food Company
My company's mbbr wastewater treatment project is progressing very quickly and came into operation after only 3 weeks of work. The meticulousness - meticulous in design and construction is what I feel. Looking forward to cooperating with Nam Trung Viet Company in upcoming projects.
Anna Nguyen
Manager MMT Technology
Startup Fresh H2O + is a project to provide clean pure water for the people in remote areas, I have many choices of pure water solutions today, but with Nam Trung Viet I am convinced by the enthusiasm and experience. the engineers work here.
Lam Trung
Co-Founder - fresh H2O +

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